Fee Schedule

Effective November 12, 2019

The following fees apply generally regardless of the type of account you have with us. This list may not include account-specific fees; those are disclosed as part of your new-account disclosures.

Checking or Savings Account Fees:

Copy of Paid Check (per copy) → $3

Copy of Statement (per copy) → $5

Incorrect Address (per statement per month) → $3

Inactive Account Inactive Account
$5 per month when: $5 per month when:
Checking account daily balance is less than $300 and not active for 1 year Savings account daily balance is less than $300 and not active for 2 years
Overdraft-Related Fees: Overdraft-Related Fees: Overdraft-Related Fees:
Daily Overdraft* (per business day, only for accounts without Overdraft Protection) → $3 Overdraft Item*† (per item) → $25 Returned Item§ (per presentment) → $25

Paper Statement (per statement, see below for exempt accounts‡) → $3

Replacement Debit Card → $5

Returned Deposited Item§ (per presentment) → $10

Rushed Debit Card (1-2 business days) → $30

Rushed Debit Card (2-3 business days) → $15

Stop Payment (each) → $25

Consumer Sweep Transaction (per sweep) → $5

Miscellaneous Fees:

Cashier’s Check (each) → $4

Coin Counting → 3% of amount counted

Garnishment/Tax Levy (each) → $75

Money Order (each) → $3

Research Time (per hour, plus $1 per page) → $30

Wire Transfer (Incoming, each) → $10

Wire Transfer (Outgoing Domestic, each) → $20

Wire Transfer (Outgoing Foreign, each) → $35

* May be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
† This fee is limited to six per business day for consumers who have Overdraft Protection.
‡ The following account types are exempt from the paper-statement fee: CheckSmart Senior, CheckSmart Senior Plus, MyRate Checking, KidSmart Savings, Certificates of Deposit, Retirement Accounts, Insured Cash Sweep Accounts, Zero Balance Accounts (business sweeps), IOLTA, and UARHOF. For questions about our fees, please call 800-815-BANK.
§ A single item may be received by the Bank more than once—each time is considered a presentment. The fee may be assessed each time the item is presented.