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Debit Card

Visa® Debit Card

Are you looking for a safe, cashless, paperless payment method that gives you direct access to your checking account? Try our Visa® debit card. Pay for purchases and make ATM withdrawals with money debited straight from your checking account. Using debit cards is generally safer than carrying cash and simplifies record keeping by providing you with detailed transaction records accessible in real-time online banking.*

Our Visa® debit card is available at no cost with any Altabank checking account (excluding CheckSmart™ Money Market) and can be used globally anywhere Visa® is accepted. Our Visa® debit card also gives you fee-free access to thousands of MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide.

*Balances and information in online banking reflect the most current information known to the Bank.  For example, debits or credits not yet presented to the Bank would not be reflected in online banking.