The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) requires each employee of the bank who acts as a residential mortgage loan originator to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS), obtain a unique identifier number, and maintain this registration. The SAFE Act also provides that the bank must require each employee who acts as a residential mortgage loan originator to comply with the SAFE Act’s requirements. The bank must also ensure that consumers have access to our mortgage loan originators’ unique identifier numbers to enable consumers to access the NMLS registry information to obtain publicly available information on a mortgage loan originator (such as: employment history, state licensing, and enforcement actions) before committing to a mortgage loan transaction. Below is the bank’s listing of NMLS Registered Loan Originators with NMLS ID numbers which you may use to obtain loan originator information through the NMLS Consumer Access website.

The registered mortgage loan originators employed by the bank are listed below with their unique NMLS identifier.

NMLS Registry Information
Updated 09/2021

Bank #: 472212

Registrant NMLS ID
Adams, Matthew David 1037499
Affleck, William 2026248
Ballantyne, Michael K. 1049809
Baxter, Michael D. 596372
Beazer, Ferrell Grant 670770
Belnap, Brock M 2004600
Bench, Brock A. 447532
Bennett, Lisa 1060468
Brakey, Alex 1613491
Brimhall, Gretchen L. 858677
Buck, Brandon L. 776368
Butehorn, Shane L 257802
Carnahan, Russell 786400
Carson, Chefin T, 2184760
Child, Michael Keith 235244
Christopherson, Thomas Lee 502168
Deitlaf, Beau A. 2004906
Didericksen, Rick J 1616253
Glazier, Scott Brian 302503
Gibson, Cody R. 772319
Guthrie, Michael A. 596180
Hales, Gavin M 2015565
Hammons, Brance Justin 1695218
Hansen, Kandice Ann 774335
Hardy, Randall 652800
Hart, Jason Martin 1780408
Hobbs, Koltyn R. 2066711
Ivins, Colton Grant 1886685
Ivins, Jordan Anthony 1920732
Ivins, Rebecca S. 447529
Irwin, Clark 306121
Jackson, Nannette 609554
Jardine, Richard Kirk 441603
Jeppson, Dan C. 768162
Johnson, Tyler Kaulin 1894724
Kappen, Kimberly Elaine 609557
Koch, Chris A. 792579
Lewis, Patric Ryan 902692
Lindsay, Shannon 1551495
Marsh, Ryan M 2016716
Maughan, Jarvis Smith 45492
Maxwell, Mark 1259245
McDonald, Michael 628530
Mickelson, David 586159
Miles, Vaughn Robert 1071242
Mitchell, Jed R. 447518
Nebeker, Scott E. 2094023
Norcross, Clinton C. 774468
Ottley, Dennis Randell 404565
Pack, Benjamin Clarence 632031
Palmer, Kelly W. 447503
Penovich, Todd J. 447523
Peterson, Mark 1530085
Rasmussen, RaVal 596218
Reyna, Abraham J. 2233261
Robinson, Ryan Rory 1266351
Rowley, Creig C. 447519
Smith, Morris 296890
Smith, Steven Ronald 1317482
Swainston, Richard Cody 1200729
Taylor, Gregg Lewis 1810724
Taylor, Samuel W. 807928
Tuckett, Derek Rex 1301919
Walker, Jeanne McDaniel 1688634
Walker, Shannon Maria 926622
Ward, Dustin Harlan 441613
Warner, Ivan L. 447510
Wells, Bryce Michael 1510370
Whetton, Matthew M. 922108
Winters, B. Steve 447505